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Thread: NTFS Recyclers

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    NTFS Recyclers

    Everyone that owns a hard drive (or 2, or more) that is larger than 40GB has, more than likely formatted it in some form of NTFS. I am no exception.

    That being the case, I was doing some clean-up the other day and came across a file folder on the NTFS drive called Recyclers, which also contains 4 alphanumeric file folers (the resemble CLSIDs). I understand that NTFS drives use the Recycler folder for a number of uses, as opposed to the Recycle Bin found on FAT16 and FAT32 drives, but I'm also curious to know why I have 4. Besides the Administrator, myself (2nd Admin), and the customary Guest, there are no others that use this PC.

    That being the case, can I safely delete the file folders contained within the Recycler folder (not the Recycler folder itself) without doing any harm to the drive. I know I can delete the files within the sub-folders but 4 sub-folders seems a little excessive for only one person. Some of them are getting rather large.

    Any help would be appreciated...

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    Sorry if this is silly but, doesn't emptying the recycle bin get rid of all the excess files? I've got the same thing on my HD. But in my C drive, i've got 2 folders and in my D drive i've got three(???). My guess is that when you delete something windows renames the file so that it can be indexed for recycle bin easily and puts it in the recycler. I've got one extra folder on my C drive, NPROTECT. That's probably because of Norton Antivirus and Norton protected files.
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    I have just checked out my XP box. It seems to create them for each user account, so if you delete or deactivate one then the folder is still there.

    I think that Alamuru is right. I logged in as administrator and emptied the recycle bin and ALL content disappeared.


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