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Thread: What would you suggest for a online order system?

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    What would you suggest for a online order system?

    It needs to be pretty strong, but I want it to be free. I suppose with good enough server-side encryption, it would work sending it through email, but what do you suggest?

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    I dont think there are any free credit card level encryption programs. and with information like that I would strongly suggest you pay the price for the right product. This information has the potential to cause serious damage if put in the wrong hands, and the potential to get you in a lot of trouble if you are found at fault for lack of precausions taken to secure the information. this IS NOT something you want to be going halfway on.
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    No one would give an online order and payment system free of charge. Usually they are all commercial tools, but you can find some evaluation versions.

    I agree with XTC46, you must take an informed decision before getting involved in any further step.

    If you have resolved to run your own order system through your website, I would suggest to use a shopping cart {If you are going to sell products, or even services} like MIDICART Shopping Cart System . This system can run for both online payment system or as an online order system.

    If you are not so sure that you will run the projrct effeciently, I suggest to hand it to a third party, for better performance.

    P.S: I think you should post this thread at the Web Development forum, it would be better.

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