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Thread: explaining some things

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    explaining some things

    i was wondering if someone could explain the difference between a few things. Im a bit confused as many of them seem to perform the same functions

    access point


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    Here you go some definitions: {Using Google}

    1- Router: A device that determines the next network point to which a data packet should be forwarded enroute toward its destination. The router is connected to at least two networks and determines which way to send each data packet based on its current understanding of the state of the networks it is connected to. Routers create or maintain a table of the available routes and use this information to determine the best route for a given data packet.

    2- Bridge: A device that supports LAN-to-LAN communications. Bridges may be equipped to provide frame relay support to the LAN devices they serve. A frame-relay-capable bridge encapsulates LAN frames in frame relay frames and feeds those frame relay frames to a frame relay switch for transmission across the network. A frame-relay-capable bridge also receives frame relay frames from the network, strips the frame relay frame off each LAN frame, and passes the LAN frame on to the end device. Bridges are generally used to connect local area network (LAN) segments to other LAN segments or to a wide area network (WAN). They route traffic on the Level 2 LAN protocol (e.g., the Media Access Control address), which occupies the lower sub layer of the LAN OSI data link layer. See also Router.

    3- Gateway: The technical meaning is a hardware or software set-up that translates between two dissimilar protocols, for example Prodigy has a gateway that translates between its internal, proprietary e-mail format and Internet e-mail format. Another, sloppier meaning of gateway is to describe any mechanism for providing access to another system, e.g. AOL might be called a gateway to the Internet.

    4- access point: A transceiver or radio component in a wireless LAN that acts as the transfer point between wired and wireless signal, and vice versa. The AP is connected to antennas as well as to the wired LAN system.

    5- Switch: Switches are found at the gateway (a network point that acts as an entrance to another network) levels of a network where one network connects with another and at the sub network level where data is being forwarded close to its destination or origin. A switch may also include the function of the router, a device or program that can determine the route and specifically what adjacent network point the data should be sent to. A switch is a simpler and faster mechanism than a router, which requires knowledge about the network and how to determine the route. A switch is not always required in a network. Many local area networks (LANs) are organized as rings or buses in which all destinations inspect each message and read only those intended for that destination.

    Don't forget Google first..
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    hi nnp..
    thats the ques most of newbies have in mind..
    sooo here u go..
    gateways are wat distinguishing between various protocols...
    they act as intermediates ..
    while routers are simply hardware which are used while going one subnet mask to other ..
    its like u wanna go frm to now when connecting the comp looks if its there in urs subnet using broadcasting addresss u can see using typing ipconfig/all in command prompt..
    while bridges are used as per data link layes of OSI model..
    they use the mac address
    while in case of access point.. they are used bw wireless n wired lan..
    WHILE ACCESS POINT is the centered connection of all the wired lan's by which wireless devices connect to any of the comp in wired LAN's
    while in case of switches . they can be said much more effective models of routers..
    they are present as interface between two subnets they decide which adjacent subnet to go into..
    well i think that that's enough ..
    take care..

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    Anytime you're just looking for definitions these are two good resources to use...

    Webopedia: Online Computer Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms and Definitions


    Main Page - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Hope this helps.


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    while routers are simply hardware which are used while going one subnet mask to other ..

    Simplified: A subnet mask is a way to distinguish different networks within a same ip block assigned. Therefore routers differentiate and route traffic between "different" networks, not just subnet masks (which makes them a different network due to masking). You can have a 192.1.10.x network route to a 10.x.x.x network and a 50.4.3.x network all at the same time. That is exactly what they are for.

    while in case of switches . they can be said much more effective models of routers..
    they are present as interface between two subnets they decide which adjacent subnet to go into..
    Switches have nothing to do with routers. They don't care what network they are on. They switch traffic within the SAME network. If they do otherwise then they aren't switches. They are routers.
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    ashtified: I don't mean to be too critical of your post...

    Take the time to write out your post. That broken instant message english sucks and not many people like to read it. If you're messaging back and forth with a friend... do what you want. When you're posting on a forum, write so people can understand your post the first time they read it.
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