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Thread: Over CLOCKING!

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    Over CLOCKING!

    We all know that CPU can be over clocked. Is this technique safE? what is real technologu behind this concept?

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    1. A CPU can generally be overclocked provided it is not locked and your motherboard/BIOS supports it.

    2. It is not "safe" as you are using components beyond their stated design specifications. At best you should expect a reduction in component life.

    3. The normal "technology" is to adjust the BUS and multiplier values to achieve a CPU speed greater than intended, but it is also possible to do this by adjusting the voltages.

    My advice is usually not to bother as you can cause heat and stability problems, and the gains are relatively small.

    Please remember that your computer is a balanced system. The operating system, RAM quantity, RAM speed, motherboard speed, hard drive speed and graphics card all have an effect on performance as well.

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    Re: Over CLOCKING!

    Originally posted here by hari.uday
    We all know that CPU can be over clocked. Is this technique safE? what is real technologu behind this concept?
    I have three Pentium IIIís overclocked. To be honest here, it was really easy to overclock them on these newer boards I purchased from SOYO. Rule one in overclocking, respect the chips and donít be greedy, be happy with what you get fundamentally speaking.

    Good luck!

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