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Thread: Visual Metaphor for Microsoft Security

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    Visual Metaphor for Microsoft Security


    Okay, so I think it's funny.

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    OK, I swear to god if this is a link to that GOATSE.CX dude pulling his @ss cheeks apart, Imma go postal!

    Well maybe not postal...but I still won't follow the link here at work. (Hmmm, could it be due to the posters name? [b]thread_killer[.b]?)

    However, I reluctantly look forward to checking it out once I'm at home. It's a mixed feeling, really. Kinda like a bad car crash...you can't look away, but you reallyt don't want to see all that twisted automotive hell....
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    It's not goatse.cx. It's seems to be a posting similar to what you did: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=265717 .. Oh wait. It's the exact same pix. :/
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    Oops..missed that. Sorry.

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    I THOUGHT that looked familiar - you can find it from its original post here:

    It's funny enough to revisit though.

    [edit] Gawd you guys are faster on the draw than I am... I'm getting too old. [/edit]
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