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Thread: DRMs, DMCA, and other 4 letter words

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    DRMs, DMCA, and other 4 letter words

    Not sure this is a 'suggestion', but I think it can quickly bloom into one.

    I don't see a real consistent area for threads regarding Trusted Computing Platform Alliance, Palladium, DRM, DMCA, and all the other 4 letter word (hehe) privacy, copy right, and media rights management issues.

    Does the constituency think this needs a new forum? (I'm undecided...I don't really think so, but it's hard to say.)

    Perhaps we should designate an existing forum (besides General Security Discussions) for this sort of thing, and maybe ask for the description to reflect this.

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    How about we make a new forum to place all of the suggestions that tottaly suck ass.

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    Hey Hey,

    TheSpecialist: We've got two forums for threads (and suggestions as a part of that) that suck ass.... they're GCC and Addicts.

    Zencoder: My opinion is that there really hasn't been a lot of discussion in these topic areas... They aren't currently broad enough to support their own forum. With some of these topics... (Copyrights and Media Rights Management... and at times the DMCA) there really isn't much of a security relation.... I can go and rip a dozen songs... that has nothing to do with security... They're more General Computer Discussions... or even GCC discussions depending on the content of the post. At other times you may be talking about something MS Specific that could be security (MS Security Forum) or non-security (operating systems) related. Those topics are too broad to be covered by any current forum and not active enough to warrant their own forum.... That's my two cents anyways.

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