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Thread: Who says paper is dead?

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    Who says paper is dead?

    It's nice to know that old fashioned scams still come in the paper variety. I just received today a nice letter with a $1600 credit voucher for a ride/visit to the Ramada Plaza Resort in Orlando, Florida (for 2 days) plus a ride above Carnival or Imperial Cruise Lines to Nassau Bahamas. And if I call within 48 hours (oooh.. .excitement.), I'll get either 4 days/3 nights in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico or 3 days/2 nights in Las Vegas, Nevada (them ships must fly!).

    Of course, upon looking at the back of the voucher, it says -- in itty bitty print -- "This is an offer to sell". Uh huh. Much like the Ocean view I'd be assured if I go for the Las Vegas option.

    You can see some of the comments here about this "great deal". Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
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    Hey Hey,

    I can realize why this is a scam... but I don't think that it is fully a scam...

    Timeshare sales have always had some kind of gimmick behind them.. lately it just seems to be free trips.. You see the same thing on late night TV when Eric Estrada stands up and tells you about an amazing offer where you get a vacation and all you have to do is look at a Timeshare while you're there...

    Do they hook you in any way possible? Yes. But they do come through on the actual dates and provide you with a place to stay albeit a not so nice one. What do you expect for bargain bin prices? It's like flying standby... you can't complain about your flight time because you should expect it... If you're only paying $700 you should expect a crappy trip for that length of time.

    Do they misrepresent the trip and screw you over? Definately... but in this case they do come through in the end... this one is more that people are stupid and expect more than they pay for... The person on ripoffreport that said everyone expected too much when it comes to returns was very correct... people want everything to be like a return at walmart.... Walmart is about the only place you can walk into, pick something up off the shelf, walk up to returns with it and get money back for it... (without having purchased it)...

    Anyways... these are examples of scams that aren't really scams in my opinion... It's just playing on peoples desires, neediness, stupidity and greed... You're getting something for your money, you just want something a hell of alot nicer.

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    well a few days ago i saw this US TV programme where the police deptt. sent letters like "you won a trip to hawai" and asking people to come to collect the ticket at a halll.
    these people were some kinda out laws who did not pay their traffic ticket or some thing like that.
    they then caught these people here and took them behinde bars

    so MSM do watch out for those scams made by the Govt.

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