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Thread: Microsoft to simplify security fixes

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    Microsoft to simplify security fixes


    While the company has focused on general software security with its three-year-old Trustworthy Computing Initiative, the focus on the consumer began a year and a half ago
    How many businesses have the luxury of being in business for 20 years before they have to "focus on the customer".
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    I could have seen this coming.

    I don't know why people wait till microsoft says to use a certain product...
    I made that decision a while ago.

    SUS or WUS for work.
    Windows Update set to auto download and install at home or computers that I work on for misc. people.

    If you have a huge amount of workstations... you have to license SMS...

    I don't agree that you should have to pay for it though... WUS if you want to use it with MSSQL (you have to pay for MSSQL). Though... you can use the free msde sql.. but there are a lot of limitations.

    They should include MSSQL as part of WUS but limit its use to just WUS. IMO
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    Re: Microsoft to simplify security fixes

    Originally posted here by whatthe
    How many businesses have the luxury of being in business for 20 years before they have to "focus on the customer".
    I know what you are saying here and agree...however like it or not, busines is business and when it comes to cash flow more comes from the businesses than the consumers. Dont get me wrong here: I'm not letting M$ off the hook here...I think they really neglected quality in favor of function from day one.

    Think of it this way: if they HAD focused on quality and security early on than us security folks probably wouldnt be in as high demand and the growth in the tech industry might not have been as strong. Just a thought.

    me realizes may have opened up a can-o-worms here...than again this has been discussed at length here before

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    Its good to see M$ are going this way. I still respect M$ as a company, maybe not as a software development company, but they have done a good job with business, now they have to focus on the next part. Customer Focus.

    I will look forward to the day of more survey's, when m$ actually want to know what you want. Not tell you what you want.

    MSN, has a little function in there i love. If you send a file to a person on the same subnet, the file doesnt transfer over the internet, it transfers over the curent network. So i can send my flat-mate a 600MB file in MSN and it will use our network instead of the internet.

    Its small functions like those that M$ MUST take out of the final package, they have IT Teams beta testing. Do they just dumb everything down ? Either way, i want M$ to spend more money on Customer Research than on IE7
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    A study published last October found that more than 80 percent of consumers had been infected by spyware.
    about 80 %
    ok i ve the question
    Do these 80 % people include the people who do not use MS OS .?

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