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Thread: umm which is better Norton or Mc-affee

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    Personally I like NAV but they both have their benifits. Mcafee is easier for the home user as far as I am concidered and uses less memory. Norton is also becomming bloatware. But comparitivly they are about equal. Its just personal prefrence from there on out.

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    Originally posted here by TheSpecialist
    antiviral software is one of the largest scams of all time. Usefull only to people who wouldn't take the time to maintain their computers even if they actually knew how. Don't be an idiot, they both scan for the same things so I'll go ahead and get that out of the water, the question is which one is the bigest waste of performance.

    But you know what... I'll leave you to it, man. Redundant thread.
    Even with a locked down computer, a computer is never completely safe (unless it isn't hooked up to the internet). Iíve seen people write that so many times, so won't be smart to have an antivirus program just incase a virus does slip through. I might be wrong about this but I would rather be safer than sorry (and there is no reason to pay for an antivirus program, just find a free one).

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    Norton eats a VAST amount of system resources. Mcaffee does too. Neither will fully uninstall from your machine and require you to spend time both sorting through and deleting dead directories on the hard drive and scanning/deleting registry keys. In addition, there are a very large number of virii out there which target Norton (or Mcaffee, or both) directly, rendering them useless and opening your machine to further malware...
    i agreee ,and personally i think the best AV is the one that keeps updating very very frequently .i mean even before the virus are out. :-)

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    trend micro.
    Pc-Cillin is what I am currently recommending to my customers.. especialy if their O/S is win 98/Me

    KAV (Kaspersky)has a level of respect from me.. BUT none of my suppliers have access to it so i can't put it on the shelf... but it isnt known by customers.. so will not be popular

    Resource hogging is always a concern..

    for myself... AVG, mixed careful security settings (not tight), with parasite toools, Ad-block Hosts file, use firefox, external router/firewall.. with the exception of odd id-ten-T errors no problems..

    Edit\... I will need to re-evaluate KAV inlight of that review.. certainly didnt have problems with my test systems last year(Aug-Oct)..
    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me

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    Resource hogging is always a concern.
    esp when u are in a network and the computers are not equal in memory
    i seen network configured according to the persons need some have p4 with 1gb ram and some have a p2 -3 on 64 mb ram ,this is really an issue ,tren micro has a plus point on memory usage
    but i personally don ythnk that its virus catching capabilites are good enough (personal opinion)

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    Norton helps a lot!

    With a PII BOX, 256MB Ram and 30GB HD, well, Norton works well enough.

    Protection of your BOX depends on many many things. Like some of the AO's elite said, it will all depend on you. Best AV is useless if you don't get the idea of a DISCIPLINED PC USER.

    Norton System Works 2004 mostly save my BOX more than a worth while.

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    As everyone suggests here, it depends more on ones taste. Every program has its pros and cons. i've been using Norton for few years now and really like it. Most of the corporates i've worked with also uses its corporate edition. Norton provides daily signature updates also which is really important.
    Now as McAfee is also starting daily signature updates, you may want to give it a try too. What i would suggest is try both of them and evaluate the product features with the list you want. You may evaluate other vendors also if your options are open like


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    Just so that you know...this thread is old...that's why the dates are flashing. The only reason to revive an old thread is if you have something " new " to add to it...that can further the discussion.

    If you have nothing unique or " new " to advice is to leave these threads alone...unless, of course, your favorite colour is red.

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    What ever everybody say about Norton or McAfee. But I say Norton makes you computer slower by 20 - 40%. That what atleast 15 people I met who are using it, agree.

    Its your own choice. choose what ever AV you want. But B - U - T But, update it regularly. Thats my point.


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    Ok, most of this thread is garbage. In fact I knew it was gonna be garbage when I read it, but there was a commercial during the Vebture Brothers and I had nothing better to do at 2am.

    That said...'s a 2005 test comparison by a security site I came across a couple days ago...

    apparently they think Shield Pro is the best of the ones they tested.

    is of great importance. Why? Because they are so blatant. Have a look at their best reviewed... now look at the ad on top of that page. What a surprise! One in the same. Nearly all reviews are the same, only most have a little more sense about not being so painfully obvious about the fact.

    Your best bet? Make a checklist of what you need and want, then contact each of the vendors and see how they stack up. Otherwise you just bang your head against capitolism in action.



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