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    Has anyone checked out http://www.securityforest.com ?

    It is a pretty cool site that has book reviews, tools, exploits, etc.

    I was always referring back to the top 75 list when looking for a specific tool.
    If I didn't find what I needed there, I'd then go to astalavista or packetstorm or any of the other sites that are similar.

    Looks like this site has a lot of potential.

    We have a lot of smart people here and I'm sure we could contribute a lot.

    If you have some time to spare... looks like a very worth while project.
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    We have a lot of smart people here and I'm sure we could contribute a lot.
    Yeah, since no one does that here.

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    Actually, the site looks ok...

    hrmm, the public wiki looks interesting, well, their plans atleast
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