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    help please

    hi ppl

    i have some problems with my computer.. i dont kno whats wrong with it...

    my PC is turning off by its self.... even when am not doing anything on it only when movie is encoding...

    i got:

    microsoft windows xp home edition
    version 2002
    service pack 2

    does anyone know whats wrong with it and can someone please help me soon as possible...


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    This might be a hardware issue, but my gut says it sounds a lot like Sasser. Pay a visit to:

    and see what shakes out?

    Hope that helped!
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    does it give you an error? does it BSOD? does it restart, or just shut down?
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    Here's some info on sasser:
    And since you don't have much time since it shuts down your system you could run stinger to see if you have it or you could just use the MS malicious software tool.

    And if you do have sasser you probably aren't fully updated and you should update your system.
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    Could be a variety of reasons and you'll probably need to eliminate each one as you go along:

    - virus/worms (already suggested)
    - overheating (dust bunnies may be living inside your box)
    - something blocking the fan (behind the machine or inside)
    - loose power cable
    - problematic power supply
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    overheating (dust bunnies may be living inside your box)
    i thought that in first place... that was problem... now everything works fine... i fixed it by cleaning fan by takin vacuum cleaner and let it do its job.. tx alot

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