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Thread: Display dir Structure

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    Display dir Structure

    Ok has anyone came across a piece of software that will either

    1) Spider a remote site
    2) Read a local specified folder

    and produce a graphical representation of the site structure (which pages link to which etc) ready for printing?

    Like in my case have created a website for coursework and now I need to hand in the paper side of things as well.

    I could sit and draw out the structure by hand - but as site atm has 60+ pages (and growing) I really would prefer not to do it that way

    see this image for an example output

    // also an added benefit would be if it was able to list all files used on page.

    eg :

    Page(A) - contains [image01.gif, image02.gif, movie1.swf, etc]

    this isn't completly neccesary but would be nice as well


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    Absolutely! One of my Favorite m$ office applications... VISIO.

    You want to go under "web diagram" and then "web site map".
    I'm using the 2003 version...
    In visio 2000, it is under "internet diagram" and then "web site map".

    I'll do a site map for www.securityforest.com and link put it up on my school site.
    I'd attach it here, but its too large.

    You will have to view this with Internet Explorer


    I have also attached all the files along with the visio drawning in


    If you can't get access to visio, let me know and I can do it for ya. Just PM me.
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    that looks perfect phise - good man


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