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Thread: Office 2003 Outlook problem

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    Office 2003 Outlook problem

    Hi all!

    I uninstalled today my Office 2003 but i forgot to backup my e-mails on the accounts of outlook, now i dont know if they were all deleted the messages.

    Are they? or can i retreive them?

    Thanx alot

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    Try a search on your hardrive for *.pst
    (personal file folder)

    or *.ost
    (off line file folder)

    After you reinstall outlook you can then import this file ...by using the File>import feature

    I have used it when changing laptops, or new OSes etc and want to bring my contacts, mail etc into the new setup....I usually export BEFORE I uninstall though

    remember to include all sub folders (versions may vary) when importing.


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