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Thread: antivirus effect

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    antivirus effect

    hello again
    we just installed this Norton Internet Security and it did well.
    Now my problem is, when am trying to access the Symantec website, it cannot display the page of Symantec, instead it displays our website.
    One more thing, the antionline website is being blocked too.
    please help. thanks a lot.
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    hi there
    it cannot display the page of Symantec...........

    the antionline website is being blocked too.
    may be the fire wall setting have to be adjusted

    and also the info you have provided is very inadequate for us to analyze,i mean we need more info
    like what kinda of internet conection do you have ?

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    check for browser hijackers. I know a few of the ones out there block off the AV webpages so its harder to get help.
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    In regards to your homepage keeping on appearing instead of the Symantec URL, have you looked at the web settings in Norton Internet Security ???

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    what is the version of your NIS?

    Firstly, what is the version of your Norton Internet Security?

    Assuming it's Norton Internet Security 2004

    I've run through some google for support site to check for this problem and got the following:

    Symantec support HerE

    Hope the above link helps!

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