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Thread: Yet Another Access Problem!

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    Question Yet Another Access Problem!

    So my boss zinged me a question about Access, which unfortunately, I only have minimal experience with, so I have no clue where to even start finding a solution. Mind if I throw it at you guys? (Heck, I'm not even sure what to google for!)

    Here's the question:

    The installation of access on my machine gives me the following when I try to link a text file: Database or Object is Read Only.

    That same database imports fine when I run it from the Access on [our terminal server]. Somehow there is got to be a local setting on my machine causing the problem.

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    is anythign else accessing the file at the same time?


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    Where are the files.................on the server I suppose?.................seems like an authority problem?

    Can you copy one of these files (or a limited record sample) onto the local machine and see if he can link to it then.

    I am trying to determine if this is a network authority, or a local problem.


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    Access will often tell you a file is "read only" when it has been denied access to it.... It's a permissions issue. Access lies like a cheap Japanese watch with it's error messages.... It takes many hours of troubleshooting to work them out usually because the lies it tells can be so egregious.
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