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Thread: Question regarding ICS

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    Question regarding ICS

    It is my understanding that to use internet connection sharing on an xp workstation for a home network, the pc is forced to use the subnet of

    Is it possible to change the ICS subnet of to as we are trying to hook in via VPN to a subnet already with the address..


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    Greets, welcome to AO..

    the pc is forced to use the subnet of
    ahh no.. the ICS server is set to an IP of and there for the other machines have the gateway set to the subnet mask is set to unless there is a reg hack I am not aware of a method of changing the default IP on the Host/server..
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    You could in 98 and Me


    But I'm not sure about XP


    Although this line

    You cannot modify the default network configuration after you enable Internet Connection Sharing. This includes changing the range of private IP addresses that are handed out (DHCP allocator), enabling DNS, disabling DNS, and configuring a range of public IP addresses.
    makes me wonder if somehow you can do it before setting up ICS.

    I'll keep looking.

    You may to look in to a router, that way you can change the range and the extra benefit of a firewall.
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    The only way to do that is with a server product and not using ICS, using Routing and Remote Access instead. That way you can give the clients and address range via DHCP and route those elsewhere.
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