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Thread: Telnet guest/password question

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    Hi soma56

    Now I understand your problem. You have to ways to go:
    > tlntadmn stop
    > tlntadmn config sec=-NTLM+passwd
    > tlntadmn start
    The telnet-server now will prompt you for login/password

    Second, you create by hand the TelnetClients group and add users to it (follow [1]).
    Then, you change the local policies according to[2]. You reenable NTLM (+NTLM).
    Hopefully, this will work.

    I would go with the first approach. But remember, that telnet is mainly a tool
    for educative purposes.

    How to add a restricted user? Did I confuse you by my bad choice of words? I meant
    a limited user. See [3].


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    Thanks gang. I have enough information to keep me busy for a while. It's a matter of more reading. I appreciate the links and your help.

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    On XP, probably on W2K too, there's a policy that prevents users from logging in remotely if there's no password set for that account.

    I ran into this when I tried to use RDP from my fbsd box to my XP laptop. And yes, I know....passwords...
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    Figured that out the hard way. I guess I should get using passwords anyways.

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