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    That is really relly REAL

    at least we would allow each other to speak insteadof argueing and interupting.
    - I like those words, gives a bright way to point out that a discussion means more meaningful than thinking of it as bunch of flaming(s). It makes sense in the end.

    Lmfao...why do people take **** so personnel. You guys jump all over people for saying things like "I hate windows" or "I hate *nix" lol, I do it too, but only to watch the arguments. This kind of thread is great because it brings out the best in some people, they dig deep to prove their points and in the end we usually learn a **** load about each others points.
    - and by watching the arguments, we learn… nicely said XTC46.

    \"Life without FREEDOM is no life at all\". - William Wallace
    MyhomE MyboX StealtH (loop n. see loop.)

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    Thanks Catch, I can see what your getting at. Incase you hadnt guessed im fairly new to this sort of thing

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