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Thread: wierd cellphone call

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    wierd cellphone call

    ive never heard of this happening and my friend is starting to get pretty annoyed by it and scared at the same time, everytime he makes a call or somebody calls him like not even 30 seconds later he gets a call from a unknown number, he has caller id on his cell and has the service suncom and it still says suncom. we havent called suncom yet, but its also gotten to the point where everyday the unknown number calls him at specific times on the dot like 10 am today and he called me. and ive never heard of this happening, my friend is also in a kind of fight with this girl he likes and her parents, and he was asking me if maybe her dad was getting the police to do some tracing or gps and tracking where he is and watching that he isnt near his daughter or something. but ive never heard of that before, if that is true then could i clone a phone and it would show two phones in two different places to maybe confuse them, or is this just something screwed up with suncom and our imaginations is just running? thanks guys.

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    it sounds to me like a glitch in the system, nothing to get too worried about. the police usually wont trace calls without a pretty good reason, and they wouldnt be so obvious about it.
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    All joking aside if you are seriously wondering the first thing I would do is contact whoever the service provider on his cell phone is. Inform them of what is happening and ask them what they can do. He shouldnt be worried about police or anyone seeing where he is for a couple of reasons....

    1) he shouldnt be doing anything they would have to worry about
    2) her dad couldnt just request they track him... this would require a warrant (he would have had to do something serious for htis)
    3) most law enforcement agencies don't have the resources to be able to track the gps device in your cell phone.

    What happens when he answers the phone when this unknown # comes up? You may be able to ask the cellular company where this unknown phone number is coming from or what the number is... Despite your phone not knowing... they will
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    thanks for all the feedback guys, you know whats kinda funny, i heard a helicopter outside my window as soon as i signed in and started reading the comments, sent shivers down my back when i read the one about watching for black helicopters, lol, anyways yea i told him he should contact suncom, in respone to another persons question he doesnt get anything back when he picks up the phone, its just dead silent and he stays on the phone forever but nothing responds, i will post a response tomm when we call suncom so maybe we can get to the bottom of this. thanks for all the help guys.

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    Anyway to track down or callback a restricted number? As was told by an cellphone operator, they have no way of identifying a restricted number....even though they offer the option. So stalkers have a way to bother or haunt people? There has to be a way to call them back.

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    Ok, so, like, we have this, you know, this thing? Like, it's called punctuation, ya dig? Totally necessary to be taken seriously, like, you know?


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