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Thread: first build

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    ICE~ is on the money there..............

    There should be some orange little washers with the case kit?...............they insulate your MoBo.

    Another problem could be that there are some spacers/supports (frequently clear plastic/nylon) that need to be inserted..........otherwise the MoBo gets "flexed" and will misbehave.

    Good luck

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    thanks, whats happening, i think something on the bottom of the board is causing it to ground out, So I'm wondering is there certain kinds of insulators suppose to go under the board or something, the cpu shops I've talked to here tells me all diffrent things, it could be anything one said lol, I just have to figure out how to bolt it i guess

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    ice,nihil, thanks alot for all the help, ya'll are dead on the money with this as crazy as it sounds I werent sure how to set the clear plastic pieces in, kinda bent them trying lol, any idea where I might could pick some more up, cpu shop or something probably? the clear pieces i got have like and end for something to screw on, amazing I can get everythingelse working great and the simple things like this hold me down, thanks again

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    Here's another handy tip I learned back in my old school techie days - Goto Lowe's or some comparable hardware store. Get the 1/4in. thick rubber plumbing washers. Slip them in under the motherboard after it's mounted, or superglue 'em in place prior to the mount (I used this method rather than have them slip later). This will help keep the MB from flexing, and will insulate it from the metal case.

    [edit] Note to those of you who didn't catch it, and lack in common sense as bad as I do - glue the rubber washers to the case, not the MB![/edit]

    [more edit]Those clear things you bent are easily replaced - they're a dime a gross at the local computer fix-it shop - just pop in there and tell them what you're up to. They'll have a billion or so lying around they'll be happy to be shed of. I suggest going to the mom and pop computer shops first - the big ones will want you to actually pay for these. Also remember that clear nail polish will work very well in a pinch - the hard part is keeping it away from the parts that actually screw together - ie: nut and screw threads actually used. If you ever built and painted a model as a kid you'll know exactly what I mean there. [/more edit]
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    any screw spacers in a place with no screw hole?.... that will short any board

    ive killed a P3 board that way.....hit the power and BZZZZ...wiff of smoke, flash of light...and no comp
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