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Thread: Writing articles as a profession

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    Writing articles as a profession

    As some of you may have noticed, I like writing articles on computer security and other topics. It would be cool if I could also make a little money on the side from my hobby. Do you know of any magazine that take submissions? The last time I tried the ones I contacted never got back to me or the only seemed to use in house writers. Thanks.

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    I think it is just a matter of Perseverance. After all, all you are trying to do is get published, in much the same way as any aspiring author.
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    Hi Irongeek,

    A little tip...DON'T go to the magazines...go to the syndicate that that magazine is a part of...in the case of magazines that would be the publisher...
    in the case of newspapers that would be the syndicate...for instance Thompson here in Canada owns, I believe, 142 newspapers...Southam owns about 40 ( these numbers may have changed since the last time I dealt with them )...
    news services...like the Associated Press ( which is a syndicate )...are always looking for interesting articles from independant sources...
    if you want to find the syndicates look in the comics page...every comic lists which sydicate it belongs to.
    I'll look for a listing and post it here if I can find it.



    Open Directory - News: Newspapers: Syndicates

    you might also want to check out these...


    The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Publishers

    magazines generally don't pay very much...and sometimes not at all for unsolicited submissions...usually between $400-$600 for a very good article, with partial payment ( royalty ) for re-print.
    Believe it or not...newspaper comics are the royalty of the print media...getting $4-$8 for every newspaper they're in...for a comic like Shoe that was in 600 newspapers ...that's about $3000 per day...for Blondie, approx. 1800 newspapers...$9000 per day.
    The only thing that exceeds a popular comic strip is a Bestselling Book.

    Rule one: send it in every week for a year...a popular syndicate will literally get thousands of submissions...it could take them a year to even give yours more than a glance over...until you've been published at least twice, a glance over is about all you'll get, so it's got to hit them the moment they see it.
    Rule two: see rule one.

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