Hello, i just signed up yesterday as my search for an answer to a question brought me to this board, but i am going to have to ask the question since it was not answered and this looks like the place with the people in the knowwho could answer my question plus i am tired of googling it .

Now i have several question on this topic .

The other day on a chat service a chatter was telling people that if they feared someone hacking their computer to use a comand line promt {msdos} of netstat 10 and you could see the ip of the person hacking you and report them True or False ? .. netstat 10 does bring up connections to your computer but what i am wondering is if the run this is it like pinging or giving away my own ip at the same time it is showing incomming connections to my computer or is netstat 10 only showing the connections at 10 second intervals ?
i know anolog x has a program called nestat live that i think does a simular job.