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Thread: $10,000US to go back to Iraq...

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    $10,000US to go back to Iraq...

    The Iraqi Canadian Partnership for Democracy, located in Windsor, is offering $10,000 US a month to any " Iraqi " willing to go back and act as security guards for forgein companies while they do re-constuction. Similar Organizations are popping up in Detroit and other U.S. cities. All applicants must pass a security clearance.

    Cannot provide a net source...taken from today's newspaper.

    OH...$200,000 US to your family if you're killed on the job. Can just imagine all the women pushing the guys out the door..." Go sign up "...." But hun I might be killed "..." that's ok, we got that covered "

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    I know this guy who just went over as a network admin. He wasn't the smartest guy when it came to networks... but at least he would go. They're paying him $100,000 for 6 months!

    Even I consider going....
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    Close quarter B/G [body guard] work is paying at about $14000 per MONTH.
    My brother was offered £25000 up front + £75000 at the end of 12 months !!!!!!!!!!

    Got some IT 'invites' myself, following NATO forces [Bosnia - Afghanistan - Iraq] basic starts at £35000 in Bosnia - £75000 in Afghanistan - POA for Iraq ]

    Nice work IF you SURVIVE ..................
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    Hey Foxy~

    They seem to have forgotten about that 30 Kilos of weapons grade plutonium that we "disappeared" from Sellafield?......................I expect their abject and unconditional surrender within 48 hours..............or at least the numbers of the Swiss bank accounts

    On a more serious note, it is no holiday, you are dealing with suicide jockeys there?

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    From a "professionals" point of view. If you have been there done that. Then mostly, you don't want to do it again.

    I could have gone to Bosnia with the ODA, at £600.00 a week it was very atractive. Two kids and a wife who new the dangers == me not taking the job. In retrospect, It was only pride that made me entertain the thought of taking the job.
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    On another slant...what about the aspect of discrimination...the job is only available to Iraqi's.

    Enquiring minds want to know.

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    so this means that what is being looked for is people of the caliber of Ramzi.. ??

    On another slant...what about the aspect of discrimination...the job is only available to Iraqi's.

    Enquiring minds want to know.
    what and have the forigeners look like forigener's...not to unusual to me.... they want their profile as low as as possable....anglo-saxon types would stick out like dog's balls.
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    Personally no amount of money would allow my conscience take part in the occupation of another country.

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    well if any of you is going to take this offer ( i highly doubt that! ) well take my advice along
    dye your hair to black before going there .it makes it hard for the snipers to differentiate u from the others and u might come out alive ,and also dress like the locals

    good luck guys,lemme know if u r leaving for iraq

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    If I could get decent money out of it, I would probably go to Iraq as a IT guy.

    I might even be a security guard/Body Guard if the money was good enough.

    I figure a Couple 9mm Pistols and a M249 Saw with a 6'5" 260lb guy like me would be enough to keep most people away

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