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Thread: Buying E-beg.com

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    Talking Buying E-beg.com

    A poor, downtrodden beggar stands on the street, not having much luck. Exasperated and hungry

    he decides to make a sign, and hastily scrawls the word "Beg" on a piece of cardboard.

    Hardly anyone pays him and his new sign any mind. A few passers-by drop him a couple of pennies.

    Suddenly, he gets an idea. He picks up his sign and to the word "Beg," he adds ".com."

    From around the corner, two venture capitalists appear, tripping over themselves to be the first to

    hand him a quarter of a million dollars. Pleased with his new-found wealth, the beggar decides to

    go one better. Flipping his cardboard sign over, he writes "e-Beg." Immediately, Jerry Yang and Bill

    Gates pull up in limousines and ask to buy him out.

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    He wouldnt be able to use Ibeg or Apple would sue.
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