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Thread: dump of page file

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    Arrow change of page file

    hi there,
    i got 512 MB RAM DDR(266), xp-pro and 98se
    i know both the os adjust size of page file automaticaly accordance with RAM,
    but how much will my system performence will afect if i dissable my page file settings or is it advisable to increase it's size.

    thanks for suggestion.
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    Depending on what you are using your machine for.

    You can increase performance by increasing you physical memory in XP...as it mostly runs in memory. 512 to 1 gig

    In 98...it wont use any more that 128.....you may actually notice a slowdown with more.

    Performance can be tweaked by using faster spinning harddrives...then theres the cpu...dual xeons are my personal fav

    or putting your page file on its own physical drive ...

    Personally...I let windows manage the memory...

    what issues are you having that you need to do this??

    What applications etc???

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    how could it be depend upon applications ?........are there any applications which uses more than 512 MB memmory at a time even if a game like Half life 2 don't do it.
    well 98 do so what u just said. But for xp i still say is it realy reasonable to give 512-1gb of physical memory for page file(for xp-32-bit).
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    You will doubtless see all sorts of "magic formulae" for your page file/swap file settings. You know 2.5 x RAM and all that. These are very misleading, as Windows generally looks after it OK. Where you might encounter problems is if you have very little or a lot of memory. In the first case you may want to increase the page/swap file and in the second you may want to reduce it.

    Morgana~ is correct in that it depends what you are running (type and NUMBER of applications). Like herself, I let Windows sort it out. If you are not getting "out of memory" messages, then you don't really have a problem.

    I have just checked a Win98SE box, and it will go to around 320Mb of RAM usage (out of 512). As far as I know, around 400Mb is the limit for Win9x, running a single application. Remember it is a domestic/home operating system

    You might use a larger page file in XP, but the OS is smart enough to figure this out for itself.

    I have experimented with page files in their own partitions, and even on their own drives, and did not notice any real difference in performance (I am talking about systems with 384Mb RAM or better). I am of the opinion that the issue belongs in the past, and was mainly to avoid system crashes/freezes.

    Please consider the case where you have 1gigabyte of RAM.............it would not make much sense to set the page/swap file to 2.5Gb, as you would hardly ever use it in normal circumstances.


    In answer to your second post: CAD/CAM and image manipulation/publishing packages can use very large quantities of physical (RAM) and virtual (page/swap file) memory. In the old days we would only use NT or Unix boxes for those sorts of applications.

    Please remember that whilst games can be quite intensive, they are aimed at the broadest market possible for commercial reasons, so they will run on far less sophisticated equipment than professional design/publishing applications.

    The only good reason for manually adjusting the page/swap file that I have seen recently is to allow an application to scramble its contents for security reasons.

    Hope that helps

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    dambed the old Page/swap file debate.. and here was I thinking it was question on dumping the contents of the Page file to analyse..

    disapopinted i go back to my backlog of cleaning of porn infected, virus machines..ahhh .. virus infected , porn machine.. oh what ever..
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    thanx a lot nihil it's a great help.
    but one more query
    what would be better ,windows to manage my page file or setting pre-define size for it.

    if you are in favour of win to do that.................

    bassicaly how windows mamage it is it set size in accordence with ram or physical drive or in accordence with application.

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    Hi lokeshdb_ms

    Given that you have 512Mb of RAM, I would certainly let Windows manage your page/swap files. It uses your RAM to decide how much, but will take into account the HDD if it is almost full.

    In that case you need to do some housekeeping/archiving to improve performance. I personally do not like to have an active (that is not pure storage/backup) drive with less than 25% free space.

    I also believe in defragmenting in safe mode on a regular basis..............remember that safe mode allows files that would normally be locked (such as your antivirus pattern/signature file) to be defragmented as well. Whilst you are in safe mode, it is also a good opportunity to run your antivirus full system scan and your anti-spyware/adware tools. They have a better chance of cleaning stuff in safe mode.

    Basically you should develop a routine


    /off topic

    Undies, can I cram more pr0n onto a box if I run *nix or Windows?

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