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Thread: simple hardware program

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    simple hardware program

    hi all there,

    what i wan to do is ............

    make c program to control the switch on/off of a external simple led bulb connected with my pc.

    intracting any port exept usb is not a problem.
    i wan to know what external accessories i need to make it done.
    or give me a list of links so that i could learn how simple external devices can be made to work with my c program.

    thank a lot
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    My first question would be where is this bulb getting its power from?

    You specify that it is EXTERNAL?
    You specify that you cannot use USB?

    That would seem to leave us with the sound card as the only external power source?

    Can you write a C program to switch the microphone on and off?

    Just a thought

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    an easy way to controll swiches is the parallel port..

    this should help you allong: http://www.freeinfosociety.com/elect...portrelay.html
    and some c code: http://www.phanderson.com/printer/8255c.html
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    well nihil i am gting into .. to start hardware intraction, so bassicaly i don't know any thing accept that if i am programming under c i have to use innterupts for every hardware call.
    so what ever help or guidence you could give me over it will be favourable.

    think that way i had just over step from simple programing to some thing which could be a real game.

    if you think it not possible to write the whole in here then hit me with a link.

    Thank's a ton.
    smoking is really bad for ur PC....

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    Hi lokeshdb_ms

    I am sorry, my first post was not very good (it was rather late at night)

    Obviously all your ports will carry a current of some sort, and I would have thought that all had sufficient to power a small LED.

    My reason for suggesting the sound card/chipset is that the connections are jack-plugs which are basically two-pin so present the easiest wiring/soldering task.

    I also recall a while ago there was some trojan or other that could turn your microphone on and off. I think that the idea was that it monitored for sound as well as keyboard activity to determine if the computer was unattended, before doing its dirty deeds.

    I will have a look and see what I can dig up for you. I know nothing about C programming though, that bit I shall leave to you


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