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Thread: telnet query........

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    telnet query........

    hey ppl i m a newbie.....

    i was trying forge mail.... i telnet to mail2.bol.net.in..... but on giving 'rcpt to:' command the message appears "Relaying denied"

    ........wt does it actually mean nd y does it happend to me

    will be nice if u solve me!


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    Forging Mail ?? U've been reading too much Ankit Fadia lately!. AO is a security site. No one's

    gonna teach you how to hack here
    Cheers ...
    N best of luck .... Hope the seniors will forgive u for being a newbie

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    In one of my tutorials i explain how to send anonymous e-mails:


    How to send anonymous e-mails????

    Click on start go to run type in Telnet iname.com 25..A black window will open. type in helo press enter.
    Type in mailFrom:<Whatever@whatever.Whatever>
    press enter
    Type in rcpt to:<?????@????.????>
    click enter.
    Typ in DATA press enter..
    type in Subject:Whatever..Then enter and type in your mail messege.
    when you're done type in "." click enter ..
    type in Quit enter and the mail-server will send the mail.....!!!!!
    There's also a server list in the thread, some may still work, and my guess is why u get denied because maybe the server doesnt allow forging e-mails or sending e-mails via a telnet connection ?
    O.G at A.O

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    i was trying forge mail.... i telnet to mail2.bol.net.in..... but on giving 'rcpt to:' command the message appears "Relaying denied"
    Oh dear!..............it seems that the admins have heard of little wankers? and have blocked open relays

    Sonny Jim,this is NOT a skiddie site...............shut up until you learn things..............just a bit of friendly advice.


    Do you have a brain?..............try using it next time

    errrrrrrrrrrrr:............. "hello world" how do I hack my girlfriend's hotmail account?

    sound familiar?

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    first of all i wnt to make clear that .... i m doing this just to increase my knowledge database.... secondly i m trying on my mail-id only....

    hey COPYRIGHT....
    i m trying this only since aftrnoon.....but wnever i give command "rcpt to: me@any.com' the msg appears........"Relaying denied".......wt does this mean??

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    It means that the mail server is configured to deny relaying. Admins do this nowadays because spam and virus messages are such a big problem, not to mention the problems which may arise if someone sends a message using your server, claiming to be the ceo or some other officer or employee with some questionable content.

    What it means is that the admin of that server does not want you to use it for the purpose you are trying to use it for, and they have configured it appropriately, or that is simply the default, which is the case on a bunch of mail servers today, like postfix for example.

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    OK last attempt over the internet..............next time I will use a medium, as I am obviously trying to communicate with the brain-dead

    The server is blocking relays...............not a bad idea as that is how SPAMMERS frequently operate.

    I would seriously suggest that you restrict your "knowledge database expansion" to your home systems..............if you start playing on the internet you will only draw attention to yourself..........like you have already identified yourself as a spammer?

    I hope you understand my concern and warning

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    There are two reasons for relaying denied:-

    1. The domain you are trying to send the email to is not one of the domains that are local to the server that you trying to use to transfer/relay the mail through.

    2. Your IP address is not on the list of IP addresses that are allowed by the admin to bounce mail off his server.

    Both settings are configurable by the administrator and he does this because if he doesn't he is what is called an "open relay". With all the spam around he would soon find himself on the open relay list which other admins check against when receiving email. If his IP is on the open relay list the mail will be automatically denied. Thus, if he allows relaying through his mail server he will soon not be able to send legitimate email because the other domains will refuse his mail.

    If you want to try what you are trying get yourself a free account at Yahoo or whatever and then send an email to it using yahoo's server. That way there is no relay involved and you can check your success by checking your yahoo account after you try it.

    Doing what you are doing will get your IP banned from some mail servers that you might need to send to some day......

    Learning is fine.... but learn how to learn the right way first so you don't get abused by the others here.......
    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
    \"A nation that draws too broad a difference between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards, and its fighting done by fools.\" - Thucydides

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    A quick note,
    provididng you use your own ISP's mail server (that you pay to use) it is perfectly legal to telent into it and send mail that way. (The same way mail was sent before the invention of outlook express etc.)

    You cant forge the mail from other address though, it has to appear to come from the email address that you have registered with your ISP and pay to use.

    So providing you stick to these proviso's gaurav_bravo, you should be ok to expand your "knowlage database" without getting into s***.

    Just because its legal though does'nt mean that your ISP will necessarily allow you to do it, hence your relay error message.
    Drugs have taught an entire generation of kids the metric system.


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    ya i tried at
    i hv free a/c on both but it doesn't connect on port 25

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