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Thread: kazaa light ++ question

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    kazaa light ++ question

    I was wondering if any of you guys know why doesnít Kazaa Light / K++ (from now referred to as kl++) work anymore. More specifically what did Sherman Networks (if itís them) do, to kick kl++ clients off the network? I really donít even know if itís the same network because the diversity of files you can find w/ kl++ is unbelievable. Iíd think itís the same network but Sherman N. is probably filtering out some of the searches in light of RIAA/MPAA. But I digress.

    Basically, if I try to install any version of kl++ that I find, (maybe you can find a working oneÖ let me know) it cannot connect to the network and/or the search button is grayed out. The funny thing is that this only happens w/ new installations of kl++. The version, which is on my home system, which had been installed for 1 year or so, still works.

    My, off the wall, theory would be that since my version of kl++ has been installed continuously for a while it has been regularly receiving updates about supernodes therefore the transition has been smooth. But new clientsí list is so old that Sherman. N has managed to kill all the supernodes in the list and the client has no way to even update. If that is true, than all Iíd need to do is transfer the list/file from my install to the new install and everything should be fine.

    Since I have only one Windows box I havenít tested this theory. But Iíd welcome your opinions. What is really going on? Is my theory correct? Am I just completely wrong?

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    2.4.1 works fine from what I can see.....
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    switch to bittorrent.

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    There are *many* P2P apps to choose from.

    Edonkey, Soulseek, WinMX, Bit torrent, etc., etc.

    Also, Kazaa 2.4.1 does still operate as pointed out above.

    If none of these strike your fancy, try IRC searches:

    www.packetnews.com and do XDCC transfers.
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    Kazaa Lite K++ v2.4.3 works as well.

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    when i downloaded a new(er) copy of kazaa light a while back, it wouldn't connect. I had to search google and get a newer updated list of supernodes and import it to my registry for it to connect. worked fine after that.

    hope this helps some one.
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