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Thread: memory question

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    memory question

    I have a memory stick of 256MB @ PC133 Mhz in my system. Iíve got another 256MB stick but the problem is that the stick is \@ PC100 Mhz. Is it worth it for me to add it to the system? I know that the other stick will slow to 100 to work w/ the new one.

    What do you recommend 256 @ 133 or 512 @ 100. Ö

    .The system is Pentium III 1Ghz.

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    Do yourself a favor and save yourself some huge headaches. NEVER mix memory types.
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    well unhappy i think this will chear u up

    ok if u don't got that another 256 100 Mhz of free then i will say REPLACE that or else try to search some one which is intrusted in by back or exchange option.

    if speed realy mater's to you get into update your system .

    becose i don't think u want to make your system crawl.

    hope that help.
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    The system is Pentium III 1Ghz.
    Thank you unhappy that is the relevant information...............and so many do not think to add it

    NO NO NO

    You may not be aware, but a lot of PC100 only delivers PC66 in reality? You have a nice machine, so please do not spoil it?

    |3lack|ce has it dead right...................don't mix stuff..................... Sure I do it all the time, and mostly it works, but I would not do it to PIII/1Gb..............watch for the same CL rating as well.

    I am into refurbishing very old machines for educational purposes..........72 pin EDO RAM has its "rules" as well, but you can bend them more easily

    My vote is stick with the 256 you have...........maybe you will be gifted a box that will take the PC100..........or you can swap it with someone?

    Just my thoughts

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    Re: memory question

    Originally posted here by unhappy
    What do you recommend 256 @ 133 or 512 @ 100. Ö
    Look at your pagefile usage. If your page file is hardly used (windows will always use it) then it would be of no use to add the extra memory. If, however, you can see the pagefile usage increase then it would help.
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    thank you guys ... i didn't hope to have my question answersd so promptly since this is security site...

    i guess i'll put it in a diferent system.

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