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Thread: Block the ad servers

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    Block the ad servers

    Hello Everyone,

    While reading on slashdot about the new ways around the popup blockers, I followed a few links, and before I knew it, wound up here:


    This just blew my mind. The guy made a collection of a bunch of advertisement servers, put em in the hosts file and pointed them to Like magic, so many ads don't show up anymore, and instead show a "Page not found" error. He also discusses about how to set up your computer to be a fake webserver so you don't get a lag while looking for yourself.

    Anyway, I thought the AO community might appreciate this

    Take care,


    P.S. I apologize if this was already discussed, but I used search and could not find anything.

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    What if we don't want the adblocker, just the list of ip's? I can cut and paste 'em into hosts myself.
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    yeah, that's essentially what the guy provides.. He actually gives you the option to download the hosts file just by itself and do a manual install (scroll down the page).
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    You were too fast there mr. |3lack|ce

    just.... wget http://everythingisnt.com/hosts
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    Sounds pretty cool, but I use the firefox adblock plugin. It's amazing: blocks adds and doesn't leave a page not found bit on the window. Plus you just have to click on the add to block it (well not quite on the add )


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    Sounds pretty cool, but I use the firefox adblock plugin
    Using both would be the wisest. adblock for firefox is incredibly useful, but the host file will work perfectly in conjunction with it. the host file will basically deny that content from even loading (be it a pop up, pop under, iframe src, ad baners) and thus only show a 404 IF it's HTML based IIRC. So it's less processor stress on firefox, less bandwidth wasted all together (since not only does it NOT show those things blocked on hosts, but doesn't even download them), and thus a happy time

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    there are a number of ädd Blocking" Hosts files around.. with Win XP BeAware.. too big and your machine surfs like a dead elephant....
    Mine was started because a number of ads were giving FF the shits.. some bloody flash ads.. anyway that lead to finding hosts files from various that blocked any mannor of add site..
    discovered performance dropped with the Hosts file over 75kb.. so optioned it down to 41kb.. nice.. .. another warning.. be prepared to copy a clean copy back after CWShredder cleans out a few entries.. oh and ,ost of the positive finds in CWshredder.. is your hosts file..

    the host file works for both FF and IE..

    do a google on Hosts file.. and see how many sites you get..

    there are utilities for managing your hosts file.. swap them in and out.. have one for the kids. one for porn surfing.. one for when CWS visits etc etc


    the Ip's you will get will look familure..
    the idea of the hosts file is to give your point your browser at the correct site and not worry about a DNS lookup..

    so you could set up your Hosts file with a couple of your fav web sites ie:

    203.xx.xx.xx www.freeporn.com # quick link to the porn ads.freeporn-1.com # but block the ad server from that site

    so all you will get is the list of current server names.. they are wiseing up..
    notsure if the following will work 66.xx.xx.xx\adserver-x # prolly give the list maker more work..or not work at all
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