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Thread: Mobile Malware - Possible Vectors

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    Mobile Malware - Possible Vectors

    Hey there-

    Since there seems to be many types of mobile devices, I figured it would interesting to sort out all the possible ways malware can propagate through mobile devices.

    This means listing all possible ways your personal device receives or sends information between other devices or the internet. Perhaps you know how to automatically add your buisness card info to a nearby bluetooth device, or you can grab info about nearby devices.

    The PDA my friend uses has a cradle, and that's the only way I can picture it being infected. I would expect a malicious file that get syncronized to it is the only way it can be attacked.

    I hear some phones can send / receive ringtones from one another, there's another possibility.

    So that's where I'm going, if you have a mobile device let's hear what type of functionality it has and perhaps we can discuss what mobile threats will appear in the future.

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    Nokia 3650

    I have a Nokia 3650 and been using it for almost 2 years. It's quite old but I've been enjoying much of its features especially installing relevant software I could used in my mobile experience.

    It is operated by a Symbian OS (v6)

    Detailed specs include the following:


    -SMS (Now I'm receiving SPAM via Yahoo! Mobile)
    -Bluetooth (could be infected by CABIR WORM, I've been infected once)
    -InfraRed (not much threat - since direct line-of-sight is needed with another IR capable device
    - I used to connect it to my PC/Laptop using IR and bluetooth. and very easy to transfer files/pictures/etc.

    Cool Stuff

    - You could add unlimited application/software like JAVA and the native symbian (.sis) (may also be a threat since VIRUS could hide in software).

    - And it will be depending on your memory and storage size. in my case, I used a 128MB MMC card.

    - could be used as a modem, I've tried it with a laptop and it's kinda cool.

    - With CAMERA

    Bluetooth and IR requires approval from the owner if ever incoming files or messages is being attempted to be transmitted, in case of IR, it should also be activated first. Bluetooth has an ALL-THE-TIME visible mode. One piece of advice, keep your Bluetooth close/hidden if not in use.

    Full Specs
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    My Dell Axim can connect via,
    a/ Cradle = Serial connection to and from a pc with activesync, this includes pass through to the internet.

    b/ Bluetooth = Should do all the above, however Dell fisked up when they upgrade to ppc2003 from 2002. Practicly all bluetooth functionality was lost to those of us that got the first models. After an upgrade to their oem of ppc2003 was released, limited bluetooth was returned. This included serial connection to Cell phone for gprs/wap connection to the internet. also the ability to send and recieve certain files via blootooth.

    c/ Irda port = Ir connectivity to and from cell phone and pc for file transfer and internet access via compatible cell phones.

    d/ Wifi = All functionality available to the cradle connection with the ability to connect to unsecured waps in the same way one would wardriving with a mobile pc.

    I have had various cell phones all pretty much giving the same functionality as each other.
    ie, As posted by scratchONtheBOX. Although I have always chosen models that will allow me to PIM synch with outlook either via serial cable or bluetooth. Mostly I have had Nokia phones and all the advanced functionality has been provided by a suite of software provided with the phone.
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    So what kind of things can you do with other phones that don't require any interference with the phone company? If a worm were to spread really quickly, it would have to travel device to device without visiting the vendors network very much or at all.

    What kind of events can you make happen on other devices? Like "so and so has requested to transfer a ringtone" or "so and so has asked you to play a game"? I wonder if a string formatting are possible with text messaging. With Java enabled phones, can you write your own software or does it need to be signed by the manufacturer?

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    Things I have already tested the capabilities of my phone towards other phone without the interference of telephone companies (TELCO):

    (Perhaps I will mention few tools that I used and its capabilities. BLUETOOTH is really promising).

    Program Name/Description/Remarks

    1. Mobiluck v2.21
    · A tracing device, via bluetooth (BT) it is capable of detecting other BT-enabled device in max 10 meter distance.
    · It could show the BT address – it is sort of a standard coding for bluetooth (ex. 00:60:57:F0:5C:BD) You can customize your Mobiluck to add descriptive ID (profile) for your mobile (name, mobile brand & model, & other relevant info).
    · You can customize alarms & once BT device is detected, Mobiluck will alarm and inform you.
    · It has certain degrees of filtering for any type of BT-enabled Devices like Cellphone, Pocket PC, PDA, Laptop/PC and printers.
    · The Compatibility options include view the profiles of others (if it has Mobiluck, you can view entire profile, otherwise, info is limited to BT Address (maybe used for future threats, I don’t know!?).
    · Can send any file type via BT.
    · Profile dependent capabilities - Send SMS, CALL.

    Note: Detection only occurs if other devices’ BT is ON. You can even send Mobiluck to other device (Limited I guess for version compatibilities).

    2. Chat via bluetooth
    · Although not much appreciated, I had tested chatting with my friend via BT. First, it’s hard to chat using mobile, I hate typing.
    · Next thing is - what is the reason of chatting within 10 meters with your buddy? (unless you are between a WALL).

    I forgot the name of the program (but I had used and tested it for a couple of days).

    The above-mentioned programs were the only ones I had tested which fall to the category of capabilities of my phone towards other phone without the interference of TELCO.

    Other COOL programs to mention should be the following:

    1. IRRemote (PSILOC) - Capable of controlling devices like TV, DVD, VCD, VHS, SATELLITE RECEIVERS, and other ELECTRONIC equipment with IR remote control (IR). I can say that using my mobile, I once hacked some BIG SCREEN TV’s in the MALL (LoLz).

    2. Bemused- controls your PC WinAmp, MS Media Player and others using your mobile (BT or IR).

    3. Mobile printing application v1.0 build 12. – Directly print files from your mobile to an HP printer (BT).

    There are lots of useful programs that I had tested before with my mobile that uses wireless technology (BT & IR). Lots and lots of useful things that could make your mobile experience more exciting and fun. I could say that I almost used my mobile (Nokia 3650) as an instant PC, I read PDF’s, text manuals, watch movies (FULL-LENGTH), watch Real ONE videos, AVI’s, listen to MP3s, WAVs, MIDIs, record audios (WAV, amr), record videos, take pictures (JPG), view pictures (JPG, GIF, BMP, etc.) and a lot more.

    Transferring RINGTONE can be done conveniently via BT. Asking or granting to join multi-player game requires both devices to have the same game program (with limitations to version again). The transferring of any file will always fall to the equation that the recipient will always be asked to receive such file. Gaming via BT is awesome. I have tested multi-player games like Agile Fighter (like street fighter in PS) and Space Impact (like Space Invader or something like galaga or twinbee). Games via Bluetooth is good enough for gaming experience.

    Java program in mobile uses J2ME™ (micro edition) for their development. Programmers can make their own program using Nokia Developer's Suites for J2ME™ and PersonalJava™ products & service development. Lots and lots of programs are now available for Symbian mobiles. Also available type is the Symbian native (.sis – C++ programming for mobile). Recently there are even highlights about antivirus for mobile like the one that Trend Micro had released (sadly for newer Symbian mobiles – 2005). You can find a lot of SDK / Developer Platform for Series 60 Here - http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0,6566,010_40,00.html.

    Nokia 3650 also has option using a data cable. It is also capable of Internet connection via GPRS and WAP. You can listen or watch streaming media using specific software. Newer models are capable of more sophisticated functions and cooler stuffs. I also sync my mobile contacts, calendars and other info with my PC using Nokia PC Suite. The best thing that I appreciate with my Mobile is the MMC (Multimedia Memory Card), storing data is cooler than I thought. Very HELPFUL!

    Nokia Newest Models HerE - http://www.nokia.com/nokia/0,8764,73,00.html (as of February 2005).

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    I consider mail via SMS may be a great source of spreading mobile viruses if virus writers can find a way to write a OS independent virus.

    Just like I LOVE U bug u send a mail to some one and infect his mobile use device to further spread the virus(may be by using contact list).

    also a lot of pplz use yahoo messanger's Mobile facilities that might be a potential threat in future.

    But it may take long time for virus writers to write a deadly OS independent(KINDA) virus.

    Oh by the way i have LG RD CDMA mobile phone through which i can surf the web listen news and search through directories download ringtones ..........it is not a java enabled mobile phone so i can't download anything.

    I think nokia has taken the right decision by deciding to incorporate antivirus system in its mobiles(JAVA ENABLED).

    The war has just begun..... :P
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