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Thread: Security + resources

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    Security + resources

    Im currently studying for my Security + Certification and I am looking for some more resources to help me. I am currently using software from Testout. Ive used it before for other certification test and it works great, just wanting more resources before i pay for this test. Any suggestions?


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    Hi Stephen 12,

    Here's 6 free tutorials on Security + Certification...you can get from either of these sites...they're the only free ones I could find...

    IBM Releases New Tutorials for DB2 and LPI Certifications

    Tutorials: DB2 (Version 7) User Certification Peparation

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    I teach a Security+ exam cram every quarter...it's a review for those studying for it...a chance to go through a guided review of all topics and ask questions on areas you need help with.

    While I don't have any free materials I can share, I can answer questions and such. How are you doing on the practice exams? That's a good gauge for how ready you are, actually.
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    Aleeya has a pretty good study sheet on her web site. Though it's called the security plus cheat sheet, it really is more like a single page cliff note. Useful.


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