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Thread: Possible phishing [safety] net

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    Post Possible phishing [safety] net

    On my trolls, read this, anyone seen / heard of it / them ?

    While many of the products introduced at this year's DEMO conference in Arizona were focused on the enterprise market, a number of companies introduced products aimed more at the typical Web userómany of them free. For instance, Cloudmark introduced its Safety Bar for Microsoft Internet Explorer. This is a simple, free toolbar that lets you see whether the site you're visiting is trusted or not by Cloudmark's community. The aim is to help you prevent phishing and other security threats.
    Find out about more of the Internet tools seen at Demo here.

    My read is that they will compare details with their D/B ?
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    Hi foxyloxley,

    According to the Cloudmark site they just rate sites for your veiwing and then it's your decision whether or not you want to proceed.
    Essentially they are acting as a ratings board like the CRTC in Canada that rates movies and television.
    I would have to ask what standard are they applying...and how secure is their site ?


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