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Thread: Properly Disposing of Old Hardware

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    Question Properly Disposing of Old Hardware

    I've learned recently that some pieces of equipment, such as copiers and monitors, are not legal to send to the dump due to dangerous chemicals. How does one properly dispose of them then?

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    I knew a guy who made a cool looking fishtank out of his old (gutted) monitor. Personally, I use 'em for doorstops and target practice. The chemicals they contain are within the picture tube itself - if the picture tube is broken, the chemicals are no longer present and the dump can take them - add a 5lb sledgehammer to your toolbox and you're all set.

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    Many cities/counties/parishes have special days during the year when you may get rid of 'hazardous' material. My city (and its tiny) has at least one a year where people may leave paint, refrigerators, appliances, tires, oil, etc. Maybe you could call your city hall and/or county government and ask ?
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    That is a very responsible question. Over here the approach depends on your town/county. Right now we have this very fancy recycling centre, so you just take stuff along there. If you want it collected they will do "special collection" but it costs $25 (any number of items)

    When I was in London they would take it for free on a separate day of the week............you had to call them to let them know.

    If you are a corporate with a lot of stuff to get rid of, they will also collect and cannibalise/refurbish to provide free computers for the unemployed/elderly/infirm and such..............volunteers and students do the refurb work, and the local government get rid of the residue.

    When I was in London one of the garbage gangs' foremen was a friend of mine............I guess I was the only guy in the street to get collection AND delivery............but I did get some nice old equipment that way


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    I work in various schools, and they are being approached by company's who will remove the unwanted kit [for a price ]
    But you are correct, you cannot just put it in the bin anymore.

    I like Ice's advice re:- the 5lb sledge
    And as for Nihil, that is a sign of TRUE class ............ getting someone else to do your 'mumping' for you. [mumping - nowadays you could call it re-cycling, we USED to call it scavenging ]
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