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Thread: www brute forcing tools?

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    www brute forcing tools?

    I've had a need to do some custom brute forcing on an app recently.

    The only two tools I've found that will do it are Brutus, and Webhack4.
    Neither tools is ssl aware and requirs an additional proxy which is a real pain in the ****.
    I've found both tools are seriously lacking though, both in configuration and logging.
    Eventually I had to give up using both tools as neither could do what I required.

    Are their any other tools available to do the job?

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    Well................given that you have not been around that long you may meet a little reluctance to answer your question? However, my problem is more that I don't really understand what you are trying to do?

    Is this an application? an encrypted file produced by an application? are you trying to brute force a website? (should be pretty much impossible if they know what they are doing?)

    As you have said that the tools you tried won't do it, perhaps you could give us a better idea of what "it" is.....................please be aware that you will not be advised on how to do anything illegal..........but I am sure that you know it would not be fair to ask anyone to do that in an open forum? even if they were prepared to do so.

    A bit more background/detail would help

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