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Thread: Google once again friend or foe?

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    Google once again friend or foe?

    I searched the forums, but if this has already been posted let me know and the delete-o-matic will take over.

    Google is the king of search, it is your friend, and also your nemesis compliments of added features. If your telephone number is not unlisted or you have moved within the last year this may not apply, but try it anyway!

    I had to see if this worked before I would post this, so I tried my number and no information was provided. I tried a number that I knew not to be unlisted/blocked/do not count etc., and bingo information abounds!

    Enter your phone number into the search bar like so: XXX-XXX-XXXX (the Xs being your real number) and then press enter. Next click on the Mapquest link. Recognize that street! To have Google stop divulging your information, click into your telephone and then click on the Removal Form. It will take about 48 hours.

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    thats good to know, i'll be doing that ASAP.
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    It was as if my dad foresaw this. It all started when we first moved to the states (back in 93). We would get 100's of telemarketing calls, bunch of junk mail (in the physical mailbox!), etc. Then my dad got vigilant, started telling all the telemarketers to stop or he'll sue, unlisted his phone number, and -- here is the most imporant part -- removed his telephone number from his cheques. That cut it down 90%.

    Simply put, we just don't EVER EVER EVER give out our address and telephone number. Not even for supermarket saver cards. If they really need it, he puts down his pager or a fax machine.

    And now that I'm alls growed up, I followed in his footsteps, and I have no problems. The only thing is, it's kinda hard for people to find me (like people from my high school or college), but hey, if they haven't kept in touch they're not important anyway Never liked reunions anyway.

    Thanks for the google tip Relyt!

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