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Thread: NetBIOS

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    Question NetBIOS

    I have disabled netBIOS by right clicking on my network setting -> properties ->TCP/IP->properties (yes, again)->advanced->WINS

    And I am just wondering if this was indeed a proper action to take for a bit more security.
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    Did you do this:

    1) Remove file and printer sharing from the LAN connection properties?
    2) Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP from the area you mentioned?
    3) Drop to a command line and type netstat -an to see if any of the NetBIOS ports are listening? (139, 445)

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    Re: NetBIOS


    I uninstall all of them during an install(XP) except for the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then that one gets modified.

    That's what my LAC looks like, and you'll notice that my Install... , Uninstall and Properties tabs are not highlighted. A sure sign I'm on a limited account.

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    Closing listening ports is a good line of defense. If you have a stand-alone desktop
    with internet connection, I do not really see why not to close all of them (Are there
    drawbacks? I haven't experienced any yet.)

    For example, to close Port 445 completely (not tested on SP2), a little registry tweak
    is needed (make a note of what you change or export the key first.)
    set TransportBindName from "\Device\" to a blank value. Reboot.

    For additional information, see a tutorial[1].


    [1] http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=264811
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    I just tried that code on my computer running the SP2 and it seems to have worked, with port 445 no longer showing when running netstat.

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