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Thread: Worm tries to entice with 'lov ya' message

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    Worm tries to entice with 'lov ya' message


    It mimics the earlier virus, which used the phrase "I love you" in subject lines to entice recipients into opening the destructive e-mail and attachment (which was typically titled "love-letter-for-you"). The original bug wrought havoc on networks around the world, but Sophos doesn't think Assiral will be as destructive.
    Symantec's write up


    The girl in the picture is in for lot's of free advertising.
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    The sad part is that the girl's picture will greatly increase the number of times this virus gets run.

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    Yes, well Symantec rates this one as a 2, with a pretty high distribution rate. I suspect that healthy youngsters in junior and senior high schools around the country will contribute to the spread of this one.

    Maybe even in higher ed ...

    Haven't seen it yet. Most of this type get summarily executed at the SMTP gateway here.

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    Note: The image above has been edited.
    huh why, is symantec so prudish that a girl in swimmers is X rated..??


    I feel dejected.. Havent recieved a worm/virus or phish-mail in a long time.. am I unloved..**snif**.. hmm reminds me remove chain-mail filter from mail server..

    Cat 2 on sysmantec.. implies.. you may not personaly recieve, but if your in a 30plus pc enviroment 2 or 3 will recive it.. I note the cat 2's but batton down with the Cat 3's and above..
    btw: distribution is its output when spreading.. a high wild figure means there is a **** load out there..
    this one the Wild is low, and distribution is MEDIUM.. so it is only JUST a cat2
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