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Thread: How to kill Linux ............

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    Post How to kill Linux ............

    On me trolls, found and read this.
    I found it to be an absorbing read.
    COULD it work ? WOULD it work ?

    How it works

    Not sure if columnist John C. Dvorak is trying to help Microsoft or inflame the entire Linux user base. In either case, he makes a very compelling argument for how Microsoft could seemingly join the Linux movement while simultaneously putting a stake through its heart. At the heart of his plan is how Linux does (or doesn't) support hardware drivers. This is, apparently, Microsoft's entree. It's a fascinating read for Windows users and one that should send shivers up the spine of any Linux lover.
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    Hi foxyloxley,

    MSLinux...hummmmm...it wouldn't surprise me...I'm sure Microsoft has a team devoted to brainstorming new ideas to get rid of the competition.


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    /me shudders at the thought of MS dipping their hands into such a well working system.

    eg(that's example given eg,not you ): hotmail... need I say more?
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    MS actually made hotmail worse and better at the same time. More functionality on the interface but less funtionality on the backend, such as POP access to other mail servers. It's still there, ya just have to pay $.

    Dvorak does have a valid point with is thinking.
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