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Thread: Dead Man Walking

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    Dead Man Walking

    How far can you get him to walk before he falls down...


    40 meters so far

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    I was wondering what happened to this thread. I clicked on reply and I got a message saying it was an invalid link... or something. Thought I was going crazy until I realized you moved it out of GCC.


    I got 101 meters on my first try... but I have no sound on this box.
    Maybe the sound is distracting you?
    (err... you had mentioned sound in your last post... nevermind!)

    Pretty cool... if I don't stop now.. I'll be at it all night.
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    Hi phishphreek80,

    Yeh...I moved it after I realized I put it in the wrong section...even messed up on the name when I moved it...I wanted to put drunk man walking not the title of the movie...yesterday was just one of those days I should've stayed in bed.....if you know what I mean...
    seems it changes everytime you play it...once the guy started singing...another time he started gabbin'....101 meters, on your first try....it's the score to beat... I always do better at these games if I have a target to shoot for


    Up to 67 meters and catching up

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