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Thread: We should probably just quit.....

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    We should probably just quit.....

    In a stunning example of lobby influence over voters interests, the Department of Homelad Security has appointed the "Privacy Officer" of Claria Networks (formerly known as Gator Networks) to the Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee.

    Claria is classified as malicious spyware by every research organization that does such rating, and is removed by every spyware tool you'll find. It installs numerous other spyware packages once it infects a system, usually leaving the system unstable and inundated with junk after only hours.

    If you're a US Citizen we encourage you to write your legislators to get this situation remedied. We cannot allow this invasion of user's rights to occur and allow further dilution of the already watered-down privacy laws in this country.

    Is this a case of "hire the hacker"?
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    Here's another link on your story...

    Adware maker joins federal privacy board | CNET News.com

    Nuala O'Connor Kelly herself used to work for Double-Click... and was hired in 2003...



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    Jesus. It's not time to quit, it's time to ex-pat to Canada. MsM, can we crash on your couch for the night?

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    Sounds more like a case of 'hire the [cr|h]acker, give him the keys to the server room, the root passwords, and a signing bonus'.

    How the DHS leadership expect these organizations to NOT have a vested interest in their own goals while offering advisement to the DHS?!?

    I can see how it is valuable to bring alternative views and goals to the table (like the community of this site), but how can we be certain the DHS has appropriate watchdogs in place? Quis cusotdiet ipsos custodes?
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    This is looking very much like a typical 'more corrupt' government action.

    Thinking in the bigger picture, im actually shocked that Microsoft didnt hire him/her

    But then again, we've seen this before with hired-hackers, but im sure they couldve hired someone with a little better background other than 'spyware specialists' the malicious kind....
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