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Thread: It might PAY to read the EULA!

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    It might PAY to read the EULA!

    Wish I had been this guy. PC Pitstop in order to make a point that it "pays' to read the End User License Agreement they gave a $1,000 dollar prize to the first person who wrote in to a email address within the agreement. After four months and 3,000 downloads later someone finally read and claimed the prize.
    To prove that point, PC Pitstop included a clause in one of its own EULAs that promised anyone who read it, a "consideration" including money if they sent a note to an email address listed in the EULA. After four months and more than 3,000 downloads, one person finally wrote in. That person, by the way, got a check for $1,000 proving, at least for one person, that it really does pay to read EULAs.
    Heres the article --> PC Pitstop

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    Hmm, that's very interesting

    I, personally, never read those things

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