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Thread: ESS 1983 Sound Card Problem

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    ESS 1983 Sound Card Problem

    I recently bought a new ESS Maestro - 3 1983 sound card. When I install the sound card in PCI slot after Windows has been installed and then install the OEM drivers, the card runs fine in Windows XP and Win 98. From here on, it works altogether OK in Win 98. But under XP, when I restart the system and then play a sound, the system freezes after playing it for 3-4 seconds. I have done each and every bit of my tries to rectify the error, but there is no way I can find out the solution. I have even installed new drivers from Windows Update, Esstech.com and Drivers CD. I have even tried to lower the Acceleration Settings under Sounds And Multimedia Window. However, if again I re install the drivers, it works fine only for the 1st Session after drivers are reinstalled (Only OEM Drivers). Can anyone help me out?????
    I have tried disabling both the AC'97 onboard Intel Integrated Audio and enabling it as well, I have confirmed that There ar no conflicts. I am using Intel 810 chipset using ToMATO motherboard and American Megatrends BIOS.

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    Did you have drivers installed for the on board audio? If you did, try to uninstall them as well as disabling it.
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