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    Can anybody help me out explaining things about PGP and which software to use PGP? Does encryptions stands as a part of PGP?

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    I think you had to post this thread at the Cryptography forum, not in here...

    Here is a nice tutorial..

    Google is waiting out there..
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    Re: Pgp

    Originally posted here by hari.uday
    Can anybody help me out explaining things about PGP and which software to use PGP? Does encryptions stands as a part of PGP?
    Ok, Cluster is right, Google will answer most of your questions. I'll lay a few out to get you started though.

    PGP is a program, it stands for Pretty Good Privacy. It has survived several mutations, exchanges of ownership, and changes of licensing.

    The most recent versions are commercial, from PGP Corporation http://www.pgp.com/ owned by the original creator. There are older versions out there covered under free or open licenses, and there are other programs that do essentially the same thing (GnuPG for example, a GNU licensed encryption program.)

    The primary purpose of PGP was to encrypt email communications, using Public Key Encryption, although it can be used for file/data encryption, digital signatures, encrypted file systems, and more.

    Which program to use really depends on what your needs are, what your philosophy on software licensing is, and what you are willing to pay for. We can't really help you with any of those.
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