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    Its prevention

    Now since I have learned the basics of DOS and DDOS attacks with the help of valuable information provided by you guys/girls. Thanks again.

    Now,what are all the possible ways of preventing these attacks. sorry for troubling you again!!
    but this would help me understanding these attacks more closely.


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    Originally posted here by gess~da~devil
    My dear Goz(James),

    Mine network is not a busy one and there are just 5 pcs ( 3 P4-2 Gigs,1 Celeron-1.7 gigs and 1-AMD 2.4 gigs) and hence cannot be simply downed by just pinging. How so ever pinging is done.

    Gi'me some other solution please.
    You'd be surprised. If you were targeting just the one host you can certainly affect it's performance. The link provided by the other poster is probably more what you are after though.

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