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Thread: Looks like a nigerian scam but english is alot better

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    Looks like a nigerian scam but english is alot better

    well it looks like they are finally starting to realise that bad grammar and the like doesn't make people very trusting - this most recent one I have recieved actually sounds alot better due to the correct english used.

    Dear Partner,
    It is my pleasure to write you this letter on behalf of my colleagues. We have decided to
    seek a confidential co-operation with you for the execution of a transaction hereunder for
    the benefit of all parties and hope you will keep it confidential because of the nature of
    this business.

    I am the director of Audit and Project Implementation with the Department of Mineral and
    Energy, two top officials and I have in our possession an overdue payment in US funds. The
    said funds represent a certain percentage of the total contract value executed on behalf of
    my department by a foreign contracting firm which we the officials over-invoiced to the
    amount of Fourteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars only
    (US$14,500,000.00).The reason of inflating the original value is to divert the excess value
    to a foreign bank account for our personal use. The actual contract cost has been paid to
    the original contractor leaving the balance unclaimed.

    We are seeking your assistance to front as beneficiary of the unclaimed funds as civil
    servants are not allowed to operate foreign bank account. A formal application for claim to
    the relevant authority and documentation to present you/company as the beneficiary will be
    secured on behalf of you/company.

    I have the authority of my partners involved to propose that should you be willing to assist
    us in this transaction your share as compensation will be US$3.625M (25%) while my
    colleagues and I will receive US$9.425M (65%) and the balance of US$1.450M (10%) for
    taxation and miscellaneous expenses incurred.

    The business is 100% safe, risk and failure proof provided you treat it with utmost
    confidentiality and priority as we intend to destroy all the relevant approval documents
    relating to the project once the payment is released to you/company to avoid any trace to
    you or us in future. It does not matter whether you/company does contract project as a
    transfer of powers will be secured in favour of you, also your area of specialization is not
    a hindrance to the successful execution of this transaction. I have reposed my confidence in
    you and hope that you will not disappoint us as we intend to conclude the transfer within 14
    working days.

    Kindly reply to my email address stating your complete names, your direct telephone and
    fax numbers to enable me furnish you with a detailed explanation upon your acceptance of
    this proposal for effective communication.
    Thank you for your co-operation.
    Fredrick Soto

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    well I thought would have some fun with this one so I wrote them a reply

    Dear Fredrick,
    thank you for your email and for thining of me for involvement in your plan. I would be happy to recieve the 25% offered in your emal but obviously have a few questions first.

    Why have you choosen me to help you with this transaction? As far as I am aware I have dealt with the Department of Mineral and Energy before. What brought me to your attention as a potential partner for this project?

    Is the firm not going to realise they have over-paid in excess of 14million dollars. No matter how big a company they are they must miss that from their bank account.

    I would prefer not to disclose my telephone number to you at this time as you said in your email that the upmost confidence is required. All my calls go through my wife who also acts as my secratary and I do not want her asking questions until we have finalised the details of our arrangment. But please feel free to reply to this email.

    What I require from you is the next steps in this plan. Where do you want to go from here and how do you to progress so we can safely transfer the funds into the respective accounts. As well as assurance that the company which is missing the funds is not going to come looking for them.


    lets see what happens from here


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    well they are quick to respond anyways!
    got another email from them today here it is

    their email :
    Dear AB
    Good day to you ,as a follow up to your email, I wish to thank you for your email in your response to our business proposal and the opportunity to explain our proposal further, we will rely on your confidentiality this deal is to be executed properly.
    Our desire to engage in this enterprise arose out of determination to make out something for our retirement. We spent most of our working life in a system where our value and reward was equated with the color of our skin not ability, we made the best of our situation, praying for a better deal awaiting the perfect opportunity.
    It should please you to know that here in South Africa, we have a lot of catching up to do. With the years we have put into the service, under normal circumstances we would have had ample opportunities to make official trips abroad. Most probably we would made one or more personal contacts. With this window opened for to us to do this deal we thank you for your assistance.
    As discussed, the contract in question was validly awarded to an American company to supply mining machinery & equipment to the government. My colleagues and I who constituted the tenders board was authorized to select a company to be awarded the contract. A lot of tenders were submitted by several companies that bided. We awarded the contract to the American company despite the fact that their bid was much higher based on our understanding that US$14.5 million representing 10% of the total contract value be given to us.
    We also agreed with the parent company’s representative, that a subcontract arrangement endorsed by this ministry be worked out to a subcontractor so that the total amount less the US$14.5 representing 10% of the total contract value be paid to the main contractor in United States. This arrangement was out for fear that if the entire contract amount is transferred to the parent company in the US, that there is no guarantee that the 10% offered to us as gratification representing US$ 14.5 million would be released to us.
    The total amount less the 10% or $14.5 Million has been be paid and the contract commissioned. The sub contractual arrangement endorsed by the Department of Minerals & Energy is a separate company that we intend to use to receive the money
    The part you need to play; to front you/your company as the subcontractor and provide a suitable bank account over which you have absolute control where the money will be transferred into. This account should be a functional account. We also need your assistance to invest our share of the money. As civil servants still in active service will not be able to explain without compromising the original contractor and our careers if we repatriate our share home immediately.
    Here is how we propose to accomplish the Transfer taking legality into consideration, We will register a South African subsidiary company. The company will be incorporated by us here in South Africa. This company shall then be put forward by us as the benefactor of the subcontract. The approvals and consents shall be obtained from different bodies. Dates of incorporation and payment of taxes shall be back dated in line with when the contract was awarded.
    As soon as all these are completed we shall apply to the Finance Department and the Reserve Bank of South Africa for the Key Tested Telegraphic transfer of the funds into the account provided by you. When the funds are paid, we will come to meet with you bringing the documentation and invoices to explain the source of the funds to your government. Note that the contract has been completed by the American company and commissioned, no work will be carried out .
    I Implore you to keep this transaction confidential. As we are civil servants still in active service and we do not want any scandal that might arise as a result of undue exposure of the project which might jeopardize it successful completion.
    We expect you to read the attached document carefully, fill and send it to back me immediately by email attachment. Remember that this transaction is 100% risk-free as long as maximum confidentiality is maintained by you.
    Thank you for your understanding and look forward to your inputs regarding the transaction and possible investments of our share of the funds when the transfer has been effected.
    Dr.Fredrick Soto
    Note : send further correspondence to this email box,confirm the receipt of this mail .send to me your telephone and fax numbers so that I can call you for a discussion. find attached to this mail is the letter of guarantee which you should fill and send back to me

    TO your questions ,I got your contact from an international consultant here in my country, i told them i needed someone to assist me on a very confidential project , you should not bother yourself as i did not disclose to them the nature of the business , they have their ways of getting contacts from the internet and international directories.
    Please note that the fund which we are seeking be paid out to us in in the government account with the Reseve bank of south Africa , so this money is not in the ministry's account as you think and the money has been allocated by the government to be paid out.
    and here is the attached word doc

    I,.............................................of:................................................................................................................................................................ ..................................................... hereinafter referred to as the recipient, do hereby agree to receive and hold in trust the sum of Fourteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$ 14.5 Million) in respect of Contract #SAME/FHD/XC-5325/99 in favour of ............................................. and Dr. Fredrick Soto and 2 others of the Department of Minerals & Energy hereinafter referred to as the beneficiaries.

    My particulars stated below should be submitted to the Finance Ministry and Reserve bank of South Africa for payment approval:

    NAME: ..................................................
    Telephone Number:........................................
    Fax Number: ................................................
    WEBSITE AND EMAIL: ......................................

    THAT 65% of the said sum, Nine Million Four Hundred and Twenty Five Hundred Thousand USD (US$9.425 Million) shall be made available to the beneficiaries on request.

    THAT the full names of the beneficiaries are:

    (1). Dr. Fredrick Soto
    (2). Mr. Mzingisi Zulu
    (3). Mr. Kenneth Zhingi

    All of the Project Implementation, Department of Minerals & Energy, Pretoria, South Africa.

    THAT This Guarantee is issued in good faith.

    and of course i couldn't go without replying
    Dear Fredrick,
    thank you for your quick reply it is much
    appriciated as I am very keen to get my hands on this huge amount of
    money! You mention that you got my name from an international
    consultant. May I ask who this is, I am just currious as to which
    consultant in your country holds me in such high regard as to entrust
    me with so much money!

    I have recieved your attachment but am currious as to how to return it
    to you as you ahve requested it be returned via email as well. But the
    attachment has a place for a signature - do you wish me to print it
    out, sign it and scan it back in and then sedn the scanned image file
    as an attachment?

    Also you ahve explained very clearly how the money has came to be in
    your postion but if it is all above board why the need for so much
    confidentiality? I understand you do not want to draw undue attention
    to your proffesion but surely with the amount of money involved you
    could quit your job allowing you to open the offshore account and
    transfer the money yourself - or is this not possible?

    With regards the bank account you require form me - you mentioned it
    must be an offshore account. As I am in the UK does a bank account
    here qualify as an offshore account for you or do you need me to open
    one elsewhere.

    Oh and it appears congragulations are in order - have you just passed
    your PhD as I notice you are now a DR where as you had not mentioned
    it before - if so congragulations.

    Look forward to hearing from you again


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    Oh and it appears congragulations are in order - have you just passed
    your PhD as I notice you are now a DR where as you had not mentioned
    it before - if so congragulations.
    What a kind and thoughtful person you are V_lan

    What a nice touch - to blow smoke up THEIR ass

    I've never had the 'bottle' to do this, but have been very tempted.
    One question :
    How far do you take this ?
    I'm assuming that you will be falsifying all of your details that you can.
    55 - I'm fiftyfeckinfive and STILL no wiser,
    OLDER yes
    Beware of Geeks bearing GIF's
    come and waste the day :P at The Taz Zone

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    yeah will be giving false details - wanna make sure i get them completly sucked in first. Dunno what to do about the whole phone number thing tho - anyone got an old cell (UK) they want to donate?

    but i will see just how far they are willing to go - and of course document it all here. Hmmm tis a pity i dont want to give out home # to them as i have 2 way recording facilities on that phone could even post mp3's of it all


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    Hi valhallen,

    Tell them that it would be impossible for you to keep this confidential if you must use the phone as your wife has access to the phone bill and will notice the calls made and will question you about them...everything must be done by e-mail or confidentiality would be at great risk as your wife cannot keep a secret.

    Then open a new account at some desparate bank and tell them to deposit the cash...but it must occur in the next few days as you have important business to do in France for a few weeks where you will not have access to the account but will be able to continue the conversation through e-mail as you will be bringing your notebook with you...however, if the transfer cannot be done within a weeks time you still will be able to verify the money has been deposited while in France because your mistress is a cashier at the bank.


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    well here is the latest news from my nigerian friend

    Dear AB,

    Thank you very much for your mail, please fill the attached form and send it to my london fax line , It is the filled and signed form that we are going to use to put in the initial application for this business.
    I want you to know that this business is a deal and we have to remain in government to make sure that it goes well more so it is not time for us to retire from government , once we pull this deal through we can then consider retiring from the government. It will be foolish of us to retire when we have not executed this business.

    Your account in U.K is okay, the bottom line is that we want to front you as a foreigner that came to execute contract in my country and now you are seeking your contract entitlements.

    your role in this busines is defined , you just follow my instructions and we will all be smiling at the end of the day .

    fill the forms and send it as soon as possible

    fax: 44 8701326428
    hmmmm wonder if I can find one of those fax/copy places to send it from - bound to be one around here somewhere.

    oh and my reply

    hope you had a good weekend. Thanks for clarifying your
    postion with why you must remain in your current role in order to
    process this deal.

    I do however sense your impatience within the email and for that I
    appologise. You must however remember that it is an awful lot of money
    we are talking about and I just want to make sure everything runs
    smoothly once we start to process the deal.

    I received the Fax number to send the form to but there was no
    attachment with the email. Do you want me to complete the previous
    form and fax that or is it a different one you forgot to attach?



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    Hey bud

    Just scan it and send it. Don't even ask for permission, they don't care.

    If you want to be a real jackass, make up a form and have them fill it out and send it back. Request that it's done by hand for administrative reasons.


    Kind of like this The more redundant stuff you get them to do, the better.

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    haha good idea - ta

    see how many details I can get out of them - rofl


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    It's been almost three days valhallen...we need an update !


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