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Thread: New site online

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    New site online

    shameless plug of my new site

    still working on it - got a crap load of content am working on - is mostly for a competition being held in the uk for HNC/HND design students - which i have until end of march to complete it for

    Includes full site search (using tsep)
    Online template sales
    Streaming web radio
    flash/php/downlaods/images showcase

    So what ya think?



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    looks cool !!

    /me will do some more browsing around your site !!
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    Hey Val- the site looks great!

    Just one comment:

    I don't think you programmed your "Russian Roulette" movie correctly, and here's why: the shmuck in the movie is clearly using a semi-automatic handgun, most likely the on pictured to the left. This being the case, the shmuck should have died every single time, and lived 0 times.

    That's why you only play Russian Roulette with a revolver.
    That's Officer 11001001 to you...
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    Cool site, I wasted most of my morning poking around. I like the flash popup menu and the graffiti wall.

    11001001 is right about
    "you only play Russian Roulette with a revolver"

    I think you use a semi-automatic in Polish Roulette.
    Mad Beaver

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    ahhh but who says that the semi-auto does not contain 15 bullets all without gunpowder in them and 1 bullet with?

    either that or i used the pic cause i had a ps brush of it already and was more worried about coding than images


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