instaling w98-help need pls
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Thread: instaling w98-help need pls

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    instaling w98-help need pls

    thnks for your response
    instaling w98 se
    know all procedure with f/disk etc.
    formating c: disk
    it comes to 60 percent and then
    message trying to recover allocating units and then it goes for hours.still going on slowly 1 by 1 unit but going on for hours.
    this is friend old pc and i just playing around to instale old quantum disk with 2gb
    cpu is 400
    am i doing something wrong?
    then created primary partition then restart then formating c:
    everything find until 60%
    any ideas?

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    Sounds like a bad drive. Download Maxtor's PowerMax software and check the drive.

    You can link to it from this site.
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    If you have a cd burner you could use Ultimate Boot CD. It has PowerMax software on it as well as many other hardware utilities.

    Ultimate Boot CD

    It has come in handy many times for me.
    Mad Beaver

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