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Thread: News of the Weird: Mexican Jail Crackdown!

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    News of the Weird: Mexican Jail Crackdown!

    It's Friday and my laptop LCD just went on the fritz - while my external screen is workin - it's time for News of the Weird!

    Link: http://www.newsoftheweird.com/archive/index.html

    In January, days after a crackdown by Mexican President Vicente Fox on corruption at the La Palma jail near Mexico City, a full-page ad appeared in the daily newspaper Reforma, supposedly placed by higher-profile inmates, who, according to the ad, were now suffering under "subhuman" conditions, treated "like dogs, like animals, like we are worthless ... scum of society." What the government had done was to confiscate the drug lords' and organized-crime leaders' big-screen TVs, computers and cell phones (which they were using to retain control of their operations from behind bars), break up their prison rackets, and even end their personal pizza deliveries. [Reuters, 1-31-05]
    Yeah - take that crime! Please sir/ma'am?
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    We can fix their whining too.

    /me reaches for his silenced Ruger 22/45 and a box of hollow points
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    bout time criminals got treated like crimials instaid of being rewarded for breakign the law ,now if they could only do that in our own prisons maybe need to send a few mexican prison guards here with some machine guns

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