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Thread: New ver of WinPatrol monitors services now

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    New ver of WinPatrol monitors services now

    There's a new version of WinPatrol which has added a few good features one of which is monitoring of Windows services now. This product is great, it works as advertised...and it's FREE - and now it's even better.


    /Snip from the What's New writeup...
    * ADD programs to your Startup List( #2 most requested enhancement)
    We've always been quick to point out that WinPatrol is far more than a Startup Program utility. Even so, many of Scotty's friends have requested the ability to add programs to the start up list. WinPatrol users will quickly be able to configure their systems so they can determine what programs will start at boot time.

    * Scotty now monitors your Services(Windows NT, Win2000 & XP)
    For the most part we haven't seen a lot of mysteryware being installed as Windows Services. This is changing and many newly discovered threats have are being installed as a Windows Service. Scotty will now monitor what Services you have installed and will alert you to anything new. At that time you'll be given a chance to Disable and/or Stop the newly discovered Service.
    Get new version at http://www.winpatrol.com/

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    well winpatrol is a realy good tool not only it removes the spyware but it also increases the system speed
    kinda nice to c it free for personal use :-p

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    Caution: if you have Spybot SnD's TEaTimer running.. seems about the only issue that I have read

    Thanks for the heads up ric-o
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    Originally posted here by Und3ertak3r
    Caution: if you have Spybot SnD's TEaTimer running.. seems about the only issue that I have read
    Just what kind of issues are created with Teatimer and WinPatrol Undies? I just downloaded the new WinPatrol and I do have TeaTimer running also, but so far haven't noticed any conflicts. Of course I haven't done anything to trip either one of them either.
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